Jodi Cobb has always been an explorer. Before turning twelve she had been around the world twice; since then, her career has led her to work in more than sixty countries…some unfriendly, many of them secretive, all of them alluring to Cobb’s curious and adventurous nature.

But Cobb is more than an explorer of the globe. She is an explorer of ideas, using her camera to ask important questions – to make us think carefully about the human condition in an increasingly interconnected world. Whether she’s examining the beauty and cruelty of the Geisha’s ancient traditions; exposing the face of slavery; or revealing the personal stories behind the Middle East conflict…Cobb is relentless in her search for raw humanity in the world’s most complex, impenetrable environments.

As a long-time staff and freelance photographer with National Geographic, Cobb developed an international following for her stirring, visually powerful work. Today she brings her incomparable experience to a variety of freelance advertising and photojournalism assignments, and devotes her time to teaching and lecturing around the world.

Cobb received her Master of Arts and Bachelor of Journalism degrees from the University of Missouri, and an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree from the Corcoran College of Art and Design.

She now lives in Washington, D.C.